Alba Adriatica – on the Adriatic coast

Alba Adriatica is the ideal destination for a beach holiday in Italy . Located in the heart of the Italian peninsula , in the greenest region in Europe , Abruzzo, is the most famous and popular seaside resort of our region. Known throughout the EU , each year more than 500 million records attendance only during the summer mostly Italian but there are German and Swiss and more and more Russians who appreciate good food and our sea . With a population of around 10 million inhabitants, the city is located in the border between the Marche and Abruzzo. With its own highway exit, Alba Adriatica has a very large tourist center that the center in its own seafront Marconi, 3 -kilometer -long with its beaches and the best chalets and its cycle path , makes the boundary to our three star hotel .

City built for families , you can find everything within a radius of 1 km, from shopping malls to go shopping, to seafood restaurants, pubs and nightclubs chalets.

We look forward to a pleasant stay at the Roya Hotel Alba Adriatica for a great holiday.

The Abruzzo: the best region

Abruzzo is the greenest region in Europe. With its many parks, such as the Park of the Maiella and the Gran Sasso Park , most of its territory is green and undeveloped . With just over one million inhabitants of our region is ideal for exploring both the mountain to the sea.

its many coastal towns among which Alba Adriatica with its numerous three-star hotels , is the city’s most famous tourist and our region .

Our region is well suited also to cycling, can be explored by bicycle.

addition, many associations and travel agencies will make you discover the mountain paths through tracking outputs and hike at Gran Sasso.

For lovers of the sea , our coast is ideal for shallow water , which also allows you to not be able to swim at ease. For sports Abruzzo will keep you in shape , with its bike paths departing our hotel Alba Adriatca until you get to Pescara or kayaking or sailing boat can be rented directly in the countless chalets on the seafront Marconi.

The Teramo province

The province of Teramo in Abruzzo is located in the north on the border with the Marches . The territory of Teramo combines rolling hills that reach to the mountains Appenninche including the Gran Sasso , ending its coastline with its renowned seaside resort it gets half ad hoc for a holiday by the sea and in the mountains. With its 47 municipalities , among which many of the most beautiful villages of Italy as Campli or Civiitella del Tronto or Shrine of St. Gabriel . Easy to reach thanks to modern and bus connections Abruzzo Harp that connect all the cities in the region with the rest of Italy. Teramo farms where you can find innummerevoli lunch with fresh produce of our land, or horseback riding starting directly from our town or a hike at Gran Sasso.

Teramo farms where you can find innummerevoli lunch with fresh produce of our land, or horseback riding starting directly from our town or a hike at Gran Sasso.

We look forward to our overnighter for Naples three star Alba Adriatica to make you discover our region and our Provinca with the best advice on what to do and what to see.

Handcraft and Gastronomy

In Abruzzo, and especially in our hotel Alba Adriatica, you can find the best products of our region. Abruzzo is famous for its natural and authentic, with its rolling hills and to the best sources that Apennines. Of the many products that make our famous regional cuisine stands out over the dough, here comes the fact of the brothers De Cecco pasta, but also the extra virgin olive oil, to the great wines, among which the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, and new varieties such as Pecorino.

Great quality meat from pasture raised naturally, Abruzzo is also famous for the quality of the sheep, which makes the dish called the “sheep callara” one of the recipes pià exported from Teramo.

Our Hotel Alba Adriatica is ready to make you taste the products of our land, as well as regional dishes that you can find every day in our dining room.