Handcraft and Gastronomy

hotel sul lungomareIn Abruzzo, and especially in our hotel Alba Adriatica, you can find the best products of our region. Abruzzo is famous for its natural and authentic, with its rolling hills and to the best sources that Apennines. Of the many products that make our famous regional cuisine stands out over the dough, here comes the fact of the brothers De Cecco pasta, but also the extra virgin olive oil, to the great wines, among which the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, and new varieties such as Pecorino.

Great quality meat from pasture raised naturally, Abruzzo is also famous for the quality of the sheep, which makes the dish called the "sheep callara" one of the recipes pià exported from Teramo.

Our Hotel Alba Adriatica is ready to make you taste the products of our land, as well as regional dishes that you can find every day in our dining room.


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