Alba Adriatica - on the Adriatic coast

albergo sul lungomareAlba Adriatica is the ideal destination for a beach holiday in Italy . Located in the heart of the Italian peninsula , in the greenest region in Europe , Abruzzo, is the most famous and popular seaside resort of our region. Known throughout the EU , each year more than 500 million records attendance only during the summer mostly Italian but there are German and Swiss and more and more Russians who appreciate good food and our sea . With a population of around 10 million inhabitants, the city is located in the border between the Marche and Abruzzo. With its own highway exit, Alba Adriatica has a very large tourist center that the center in its own seafront Marconi, 3 -kilometer -long with its beaches and the best chalets and its cycle path , makes the boundary to our three star hotel .

City built for families , you can find everything within a radius of 1 km, from shopping malls to go shopping, to seafood restaurants, pubs and nightclubs chalets.

We look forward to a pleasant stay at the Roya Hotel Alba Adriatica for a great holiday .


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